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Automatically Boost Your Lead Generation,

Foster Positive Relationships, and Expand Your Business

Without Excessive Work or Complex Software

Integrate our superior marketing automation platform, in minutes. Enhance your client acquisition and streamline communication without the need to tackle complex workflow automations and technologies.
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Is Your Lead Management Slow And Antiquated?

Law Bound Lead Management
This is what your competitors do (and you might do it too):

Purchase and run "generic" ads non-stop to generate potential leads at an excessive cost per click.

Send clicks to your webpage where you attempt to collect their information by locking content

Gather leads with a boring form fails to convert

Time consuming phone calls, emails, and follow-ups that take up all your time and fail to keep leads engaged

Sound familiar? It's because many businesses still use these methods. Now, you can revolutionize these strategies by upgrading your lead management, marketing, and communication systems
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Ready-to-Use Tool To Instantly Enhance
Lead Management

If you don’t use those antiquated marketing techniques, then your alternatives are expensive, confusing, and require technical knowledge or training. You may not be a luddite, but you surely don’t want to spend all your time figuring out workflow automation (whatever that is).

Accelerated Lead Qualification

Leverage our AI Bot to swiftly qualify leads, capturing vital information in real-time. With instant calendar bookings, ensure you're always a step ahead, epitomizing the essence of Speed to Lead. Engage prospects efficiently and never miss an opportunity.

Automated Engagement Campaigns

Elevate your engagement levels with automated nurture campaigns tailored for maximum interaction. Harness our tried-and-tested educational and sales templates, expertly designed to resonate and drive conversions. Streamline your lead management effortlessly.

Efficient Communication

Streamline your communication without time-consuming calls and follow-ups using our two-way SMS, FB and Instagram messaging, task management, and call tracking features.

Superior Reputation Management

Nurture clients and leverage their satisfaction by encouraging reviews and collecting feedback to grow your firm and create a buzz around your success

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Law Bound Communication Platform

Easy To Use Features Designed With Small Businesses In Mind


Lead Management

Convert visitors into hot leads automatically, without mastering complex software or using outdated lead generation methods.

Workflow Automations

Automate your email marketing strategy using templates proven to generate responses by educating and engaging every prospect.

Reporting & Analytics

Streamline communication with leads using 2-way text messaging, to get better responses, collect necessary information, and prompt leads to self-schedule consultations.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management: Proactively monitor, manage, and enhance your business's online reputation.

Communication Hub

Unlike typical chat bots, our AI engages with your prospects on a deeper level, ensuring effective interactions and meaningful connections.

Social Planner

Effortlessly plan, automate, and track your business's social media content.

Want to learn more about our ready-to-use lead automation platform?

Add-On Tools

Enhance Your Marketing

In addition to our complete suite of lead management marketing tools, you can also add on additional services to generate even more leads and stand even higher above your competition.
video marketing


Unlock growth - Your powerhouse for effortless social media mastery.
Strategy marketing growth


Empower your business - Streamlining marketing for maximum engagement and minimal effort.


Unleash the power of AdLaunch - Simplifying ad creation for impactful reach and higher conversions.


Skyrocket & Optimize your visibility for potent online growth.

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Elevate your business with NexBound - Maximize your revenue without overspending. Our cost-effective solution is designed to simplify and enhance your marketing efforts.
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Automate and streamline your business processes with our all-encompassing workflow automation platform. Drive your business growth forward with our advanced marketing automation and lead management tools.
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